Omega Quintet - Promotional Video and battle systems detailed

Idea Factory International has released trailers showing off both the battle and Promotional Video systems for Omega Quintet. Check out the trailers, screenshots, and dancing/singing/battling idol girls below.

Omega Quintet is set to arrive in North America on April 28th in both physical and digital formats. It will hit Europe on May 1st and will be available digitally for European markets May 6th.

In this mode, you choreograph your own Verse Maiden performance, choosing the song, the performers, the solos, and of course, the dance moves! When you're done setting everything up, you can watch it, throw yourself on the big screen with the PlayStation 4 Camera, use the PlayStation Move controller to add special effects, and use the regular controller to toss some ridiculous items into the performance. If it's all up to your idol manager standards, then you can use share it with the world the PlayStation 4 Share function!

Omega Quintet Screenshots