New Bravely Second screenshots show Chariot and Wizard jobs

Square Enix has posted another update for Bravely Second, introducing two more new classes for the title: Wizard and Chariot.  Wizards use ethereal magic and can modify the effects of their magical abilities, while chariots are a physical class can equip 3 weapons and throw them. The asterisk holders for the Wizard and Chariot are Ayame and her apprentice Cu Chulainn, respectively, working for the Empire.

A new minigame is also introduced, where the party can work together to make Chomper dolls. Different jobs can have different effects and the created dolls can sold for money. Additionally, various music can be unlocked for the in-game player through this minigame.

We also see the return of more asterisks holders: Praline, Barabarossa, and Kamiizumi, along with some renders of characters in those jobs. See those artworks and a bunch of screens in the gallery below.

Check out the game page to see all the previous updates. Bravely Second is set to release in Japan on April 23rd.

Bravely Second Artwork and Screenshots