New Fire Emblem If screenshots and trailer - introducing multiple storylines

During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced more details for the latest Fire Emblem game. Perhaps more accurately, Fire Emblem games because it has been revealed that the title will be split into two different versions - White Kingdom and Black Kingdom - at least in Japan.

Details for the localized release specifically are a little more vague, and the game's title has not been finalized

Like in Fire Emblem Awakening, the player can create their own avatar character in the game, but this time, that character is also the main hero or heroine. Players must also choose to take one of two major paths to take in the game, resulting in two different experiences.

There is the peace-loving “Hoshido” side for a more traditional experience, or the glory-seeking “Nohr” side, with a more intricate storyline and a higher level of difficulty.


In Japan, Fire Emblem if releases on June 25th this year. The games can be purchased individually, each starting out the same but go in very different directions after a certain point. The 'other' path can be obtained via DLC at a discounted price. A 3rd storyline path is also available for either version as a DLC offering. 

The Japanese release will also have a special edition available, including all separate storylines.



For North America and Europe, release details are more sparse at the moment, but the game is set to launch in 2016. It also seems there will only be a singular version of the game, and once one of the storyline paths is chosen, the other can be unlocked, perhaps via DLC. Concrete details on that however are yet to come.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Fire Emblem if Screenshots and Artwork