Tokyo Xanadu introduces a fourth character



Falcom has revealed the fourth playable party member for action-RPG Tokyo Xanadu, set to release on PlayStation Vita on September 30th in Japan. His name is Yuki Shinomiya, and he is a 16 year old genius hacker. He has amassed a small fortune working the stock market, and only completes the minimum requirements for his school work. Most of his classmates aren't even aware of his existence.

In battle, Yuki can wield two Soul Devices - the phone weapons characters use to fight the demons of the Other World. In his hands he uses a large hammer, which has a long reach and heavy hits, but slow attack speed. However, Yuki can also control a remote Soul drone that floats around the battlefield. This drone can fire projectile shots as Yuki is moving, an ability unique to him.

You can see new screenshots and artwork in the gallery below. More images and battle details for the previous three characters can be found here.

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots and Artwork