Here's what's new in Trails in the Sky FC Evolution

Falcom has detailed the changes to be made with Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Evolution, an enhanced rerelease of the original game set to launch on PlayStation Vita in Japan on June 11th. There are numerous additions including:

  • Full voice-overs
  • Refined artworks and new artworks (check the gallery below)
  • New S-craft cut-in artworks
  • New orbment effects, such as HP and CP recovery
  • New field-attacks that allow the player to gain an preemptive-strike advantage and bonus EXP
  • A display to show escape chance probability when fleeing battles
  • A fast-forward function in battle
  • Improved interfaces throughout the game
  • Message history and automatic message mode (to flow with the voices)

We have a lot of artwork and screenshots below, so check them out!

(note: Many of the screenshots were revealed months ago, and we're a little late to posting them)

In-game artwork
Shop bonus artwork
Trails in the Sky Evolution screenshots