Fire Emblem If revamps the traditional Weapon Triangle system

The world of Fire Emblem is shaken up once more with an updated version of the series's iconic Weapon Triangle system revealed in this week's Famitsu issue.

Fire Emblem If expands upon the standard trinity of swords over axes over lances and now features the following dynamic of swords & magic over axes & bows over lances & hidden/concealed weapons.

Therefore, the rock, paper, scissors mechanic is still in place but has been adjusted to accommodate even more weapon types.

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Plus, the trade-off for no longer having weapon durability in Fire Emblem If has been detailed as well. Stronger, more powerful weapons will have an alternative set of lower traits if the unit's skill level cannot meet the requirements to properly wield the weapon. It's important to note that Staves are the sole weapon-type that will retain the durability system.

Famitsu provides some brief examples of this system with some Sword weapons.

Bronze Sword: Unable to utilize Special Attacks to land critical hits but in return, +10 to Evasion from special attacks.

Iron Sword: No lowered traits.

Steel Sword: -5 Evasion, -3 chance to follow up with a special attack.

Silver Sword: -5 Evasion from Critical Attacks, -2 to Power & -2 to Skill for every upcoming turn.

Brave Sword: Able to attack twice but in return, -4 Defense & -4 Magic Defense.



Six new Fire Emblem If characters were also introduced.

Felicia (CV: Nozomi Sasaki) | Class: Maid

Joker (CV: Junichi Suwabe) | Class: Butler

Gunther (CV: Rokuro Naya) | Class: Great Butler

Suzukaze (CV: Daisuke Ono) | Class: Ninja

Saizou (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki) | Class: Ninja

Kagerou (CV: Rie Murakawa) | Class: Shinobi



Felicia, Joker, Gunther, and Suzukaze join up as allies in both the White Kingdom and Black Kingdom campaigns of Fire Emblem If. Meanwhile, Saizou and Kagerou only ally with players in the White Kingdom route.

Plus, the maid, butler, and ninja/shinobi classes will wield the hidden/concealed weapons mentioned above, which will be able to weaken enemies when their attacks land on an enemy unit.

Fire Emblem If is coming out on June 25 in Japan and next year for North America and Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.