The Technomancer - Noctis screenshots

Developed by Spiders (Bound by Flame, Mars: War Logs) and published by Focus Home Interactive, The Technomancer is set to make its full official debut at E3 2015 in Los Angeles from June 16 to 18..

A new trio of screenshots highlight the Technomancer and his party arriving at one of the last remaining strongholds of civilization on Mars, Noctis. It is described as a "free city" that has isolated itself from the ongoing War of Water which opposes grand Companies, most notably Aurora and Abundance. Nevertheless, Noctis is a home of great dangers from bandits to pillagers, and even a handful of dangerous creatures that will put the player's skills as a warrior to the test.

The Technomancer is planned for a 2016 release on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Technomancer Screenshots