A slew of new Fire Emblem If characters and skills introduced

The steady flow of new information on Fire Emblem If continues in this week's issue of Famitsu by revealing new characters, new skills, and an in-depth look at the game's Class Change system.

These seven new characters will aid you in Fire Emblem If:

Cyrus (CV: Shou Okumura) | Class: Cavalier

Elfie (CV: Yuuki Kuwahara) | Class: Armor Knight

Harold (CV:  Riki Kitazawa) | Class: Axe Fighter

Hinata (CV: Mitsuhiro Ichiki) | Class: Samurai

Oboro (CV: Nozomi Sasaki) | Class: Lancer

Rinka (CV: Yui Ishikawa) | Class: Oni

Tsukuyomi (CV: VALSHE) | Class: Spellcaster



Cyrus will join players on both the Hoshido and Nohr routes. Elfie and Harold are exclusive to the Nohr path while Hinata, Oboro, Rinka, and Tsukuyomi are only available on the Hoshido path.

Each character in Fire Emblem If will come with two kinds of skills: Inherent Skills and Class Skills. The former involves skills that are unique to each character and cannot be removed; the latter is tied to a unit's class that can be enhanced or replaced through Class Changing.

Here are some examples of Inherent Skills:

Mysterious Charisma [Avatar]: If this character is placed in the back with a support level of C or more with the front unit, the front unit gains the following bonuses - Accuracy +10, Damage dealt +2, Damage received -2.

Super Strength [Elfie]: Damage dealt +3 if this character's Strength is 5 or more than the opposing enemy's Strength value.

Unlucky Soul [Harold]: Any foes that are 2 tiles away from this character will receive Critical Evasion -15 while Harold himself also receives Critical Evasion -5.

Desperate Struggle [Hinata]: When this character's HP is less than 50%, he will counterattack half the damage dealt by an incoming sword, lance, or axe attack.

Nohr Hater [Oboro]: Damage dealt +3 when this character attacks an enemy affiliated with the Nohr nation.

Arrogance [Tsukuyomi]: Damage dealt +4 when this character's level is lower than the enemy he is attacking. Enemies that are Promoted count as their base level +20.

On the other hand, here are a pair of Class Skills for the Lancer:

Defense Seal [Lancer Class]: A foe will receive Defense -6 after being attacked.

Substitute [Lancer Class]: Switch places with an adjacent unit immediately.

The Class Change system makes its return to Fire Emblem If as well.

Once an Unpromoted unit reaches level 10, the player has the option to use a Master Seal on him or her to Class Change them to a Promoted class. It resets the character's level but in exchange, he or she will become much more powerful when leveled up.

Hinata, who initially starts out as a Samurai, can use a Master Seal to be promoted as a Trueblade or Weapon Master. Each option focuses on a specific set of abilities. The Trueblade class wields a katana and offers a fantastic speed boost along with the ability to attack multiple times while the Weapon Master class lets a unit carry an axe, a naginata, and a katana all at once!



One more aspect of the Class Change system has been unveiled too. Unlike Master Seals, Parallel Seals allow players to completely change a unit's Class without the level reset penalty. The caveat is that it must either be from an Unpromoted Class to another Unpromoted Class or Promoted Class to another Promoted Class.

Felicia, for instance, starts out as a Maid but if a Parallel Seal is used on her, she can completely change into the Great Hero, Bow Knight, or Strategist classes without going back to level 1. Thus, she would have access to the Promoted Classes for those three with the use of a Master Seal.

Joker, a Butler, can also utilize a Parallel Seal to become a Paladin, Great Knight, or Strategist.



Fire Emblem If hits Japan on June 25 and next year for North America and Europe on the Nintendo 3DS.