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Square Enix mistakenly reveals Dragon Quest Heroes release date

While we have shared through our Twitter account some promotional materials that went out to retail stores to promote Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below arriving on October 13th, there were some skeptical people who have become used to the elaborate measures people will take to fake an otherwise convincing evidence.

The same can't be said when the publisher themselves accidentally leak the very same release date on their online store.

Whether it was due to someone working on the site who thought the release date had already been revealed or just an update that went live too early, the Square Enix online store also showed October 13th as the day when the upcoming Omega Force collaboration would drop in North America. 

As noted on the box art, the Day One edition will include a Slime Weapon set that was originally offered in Japan through specific retailers which you can check out below.


The listing is still up, but the release date has been removed as well as the box art promoting the Day One edition. It all remains the same, however - we should be expecting Dragon Quest Heroes to arrive here in the West sometime later this year in or around the October 13th date.

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