Tokyo Xanadu's seventh character, Rion Kugayama, is an idol

Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation this week have pulled back the curtains on the next Tokyo Xanadu character. Voiced by Manami Numakura, meet Rion Kugayama.


Rion is described as devilish in both appearance and personality. She is part of an idol group, known as SPiKA, and gets into arguments occasionally with the other members over who takes the center role in their performances. Though she may look a bit laid back, Rion puts a lot of time and effort into her idol career. 

Armed with a pair of wings, Rion bears the wind attribute and supports the party with devastating ranged attacks. Her standard attack pattern consists of manipulating her body motion to send out shockwaves from her wings. Several of Rion's skills, previewed above, range from firing homing lasers, forming a tornado and the ability to fly.

Additionally, both magazines also revealed the members of SPiKA.

  • Reika Kisaragi (CV: Ayaka Suwa)
  • Wakaba Yuzuki (CV: Ari Ozawa)
  • Haruna Tendou (CV: Aya Suzaki)
  • Akira Nanase (CV: Mutsumi Tamura)

Tokyo Xanadu is coming out on September 30 in Japan for the Playstation Vita.

Update: 4Gamer has put up new screenshots of Rion and SPiKA in action. Check the gallery below to see these lovely idols in Tokyo Xanadu.

Tokyo Xanadu Artwork and Screenshots