Meet two of Kou's relatives in Tokyo Xanadu, Towa and Sousuke

The official website for Tokyo Xanadu introduces a pair of new characters, Towa Kokonoe and Sousuke Kokonoe. They are both related to Kou Tokisaka, the game's main character.


Voiced by Ai Nonaka, Towa Kokonoe is Kou's 23-year-old cousin newly hired as a a homeroom teacher at Moriyama High School. Due to her astounding abilities, she is also a chief counselor and committee advisor on top of teaching second year high school students. On her time off, Towa assists her grandfather, Sousuke, at Kokonoe Shrine as a shrine maiden as well as serving as a jujitsu mentor over at the shrine's dojo.

Sousuke Kokonoe, voiced by Takayuki Sugo, is Towa's 70-year-old grandfather who overlooks Kokonoe Shrine as its head priest. Though he may look a bit tense at first glance, he is described as playful and reserved. He is the one responsible for teaching Kou the martial art of Kokonoe-style jujitsu up until Kou was admitted into high school. Passed from generation to generation, the Kokonoe-style often comes into contact with the Ikushima-style at times and as a result, Sora Ikushima was also a student of the Kokonoe-style jujitsu at some point.

Note that even though Towa Kokonoe shares the same first name and appearance as Towa Herschel from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, they are not related.

Additionally, a first glance at the Kokonoe Shrine was shown. It is located in western Tokyo in the game and the Kokonoe household lies around the area where Towa and Sousuke live.


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Tokyo Xanadu hits Japan on September 30 for the Playstation Vita.

Tokyo Xanadu Artwork and Screenshots