Meet Goro and Lem in Tokyo Xanadu

In recent weeks, Falcom has revealed a number of new NPC characters and gameplay mechanics for action-RPG Tokyo Xanadu, set to release on PlayStation Vita on Septermber 30th in Japan. 

Goro Saeki, revealed last week, is an English teacher at Morimiya High School. He's intelligent and friendly with a good sense of humor, and all the students come to be fond of him.

This week, we are introduced to "Lem", a mysterious being with long blue-gray hair.


She's described as a girl but has androgynous features & speaks in a boyish manner. She often acts as a spectator, simply observing from the sideline, and her motive is unclear, much like the rest of her existence. She one day appears before Kou, the main character, in the Other World and allows him to manifest his Soul Device.

When roaming around Morimiya City, gates to the Other World are found using a dowsing type application on the in-game Xiphone. By wandering and finding where the signal hits 100%, you can enter into the realm where combat takes place.

Kou also exhibits three unique parameters that can affect events outside of  battle. Wisdom - based on choices made during the story, Courage - based on actions in combat, and Compassion - based on how Kou interacts with other people. These parameters may affect special events or allow the player to obtain special items.

Check out the new screenshots in the gallery below. You also find images of three of the game's locations that can be freely explored: the station square, Star Camera store, and old fashioned mall area. Gematsu has more details about these locations you can visit.

Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots & Artwork