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Aksys Games bringing Moco Moco Friends to North America

Aksys Games has announced that they will be localizing Nippon Columbia's Minarai Majo to Mocomoco Friends as Moco Moco Friends, set to release on Nintendo 3DS later this year in North America - both physical and digital. Originally releasing in Japan back in April, this title is an 'exciting twist on the adventure RPG genre' which follows a young witch and her adventure to collect and raise magical beings known as Moppets in the world of Dreamtopia. 

Here are the highlighted features courtesy of Aksys:

Key Features

  • Battle and Evolve – Lead your Moppets to victory in turn-based battles! Fight, befriend and evolve Moppets on your quest to banish evil from Dreamtopia!
  • “Gotta friend em’ all!” – 120 types of Moppet monsters to collect! Become friends with the Moppets and aim to be the greatest Moppet Master! Evolve your Moppets using fantastical items found in Dreamtopia.
  • Loads of Features! – Help out friends in town and clear side quests! Teleport to dungeons using the town portal/gate. The Garden allows the player to grow crops or collect items. The Garden runs in real-time meaning that the crops will continue to grow even when the Nintendo 3DS is off!

You can find the official website here. We have artwork and several Japanese screenshots in the gallery below.

Moco Moco Friends Screenshots and Artwork

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