The Crystal Bearers unlikely to hit Europe in 2009

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers has been mysteriously absent from a Nintendo release list for the remainder of 2009, indicating that the title won't arrive in Europe this year.

At E3 2009 The Crystal Bearers was heavily pushed to attendees at a game for "This Winter" - which most assume mean the game'll be out by the end of December.

Speaking to RPGSite this morning, a Square Enix representative told us that the Wii spin-off was still "firmly on track for a release This Winter, as indicated previously." Winter carries on until early 2010, so we can now likely expect to see the game in January or February of next year.

The game releases in Japan in November and the US in December - and of course any Europeans wanting the lowdown on either version of the game will be able to get it here at RPGSite - so stick with us via our RSS Feed and our Twitter!

If you really can't wait for the game, check out the TGS trailer for the game below and read our hands-on TGS impressions!

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