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Koei's latest title Nioh is a Samurai Action RPG

A good ten years ago Koei - prior to the tie-up with Tecmo that made them Koei Tecmo - announced a PlayStation 3 exclusive action game called Ni-Oh. The game had a few minor showings, but quickly disappeared from view and was presumed dead - but this year at Tokyo Game Show it made its triumphant return.

Nioh clearly hasn't remained identical to its original PS3 version in this latest PlayStation 4 version, boasting obvious influences from the likes of Dark Souls, which launched and had huge success since Nioh's original PS3 announcement. While the original version was announced purely as an action game, today's re-announcement sees the game rebranded as an Action RPG.

Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden alumni Team Ninja are handling development, and while it's set in a traditional samurai-driven 'Sengoku' setting, there appears to be at least something of a Western influence to some of its character design, with the lead having something of the look of a Witcher about him.

Check out the first trailer and visuals from Nioh below - and we'll have our first hands-on impressions from this years' Tokyo Game Show later in the week. It's due out in 2016.

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