Stella Glow 'Harbingers' Trailer

Atlus has released another trailer for Stella Glow, introducing the Harbingers: Dante, Dorothy, and Hrodulf. These colorful antagonists are in league with the dark witch Hilda, and Alto and his comrades will have to get through them if they want to save the world.

Find the trailer, screenshots, and descriptions below.

First, there's Hilda's right-hand man, Dante. He's a master spearman with the type of smirk on his face that irresistibly needs beating up.

Then there's Dorothy, the chainsaw-toting psycho who has an intense love of bunnies (love may be too strong a word; you probably don't want to know how she got that outfit...) and will go to great lengths to rip apart everyone who stands in her way. 

Lastly there's Hrodulf, whose cleave first and axe questions later methods makes him a perfect addition to the squad.  

Stella Glow releases in North America on November 17th, and in Europe early next year thanks to NIS America. Find the previous updates at the links below.

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