White Knight Chronicles 2 Screens

To conicide with the release of White Knight Chronicles EX, the expanded version of the original game, Sony has released some very teasing screens of White Knight Chronicles 2. These are all the more teasing thanks to the fact we're still waiting for the first game's Western release!

The game takes place directly after the original, following Leonard once again with the player creating an avatar that will accompany and assist Leonard in his adventures, essentially becoming his right hand man or woman.

Several of the screens released by Sony showcase some of the avatar creation possibilities, so we think it's pretty likely that system will be significantly beefed up from the one that was present in the first title.

As always, we'll bring you all the information as soon as we get it including a release date and eventually an import review. Here's the screens - stick with us via our RSS Feed and Twitter for all the latest WKC and RPG news.

White Knight Chronicles 2 Screens
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