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Dark Souls 3 release date and Special Editions leak early

Well it looks like the hype train for Dark Souls 3 just went up another notch. Retailer Geekay Games seems to have leaked the release date(via Gamespot) for the game as well as its special editions. The release date listed being April 12, 2016. From Software said not long ago that the game would be launching in April so the leak seems to hold up.

There will be a Collector Edition and a Prestige Edition of Dark Souls 3 available at launch. Both come with a hardcover artbook, soundtrack,3 iron-on patches, a metal case, and of course the game. The difference between the two is the Collector Edition comes with a 10 inch "Red Knight" statue, while the Prestige Edition comes with a 16 inch "Lord of Cinder" statue. 

Collector Edition:

Prestige Edition:

Obviously the release date mentioned could be a placeholder or be subject to change, but here's to hoping!

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