New Valkyria Chronicles announced for PlayStation 4

It's the most glorious of days. Valkyria Chronicles will make a return to home consoles after seven years away.

This week's Famitsu is carrying details of two new Valkyria Chronicles projects for PlayStation 4. The first being a remaster of the 2008 original that first launched on PlayStation 3 before coming to PC in 2014. It'll release in Japan for PS4 on February 10 for ¥4,990 with all the previously released DLC at a higher resolution and trophy support.

But biggest of all is the announcement of a brand new game in the series that is essentially Valkyria Chronicles IV. Translated as Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the new game - again, on PS4 - seems to have more of a focus on magic than it does the guns of the previous three games going by the screens in Famitsu.

The story will take place after the discovery of Ragnite, an azure crystal, at which point, the Rush Empire managed to succeed in industry and territorial expansion. The empire is, however, blockading a smaller country called Jutland, which is seeking "independence and freedom from colonial rule".

You as the player will take control of Amleth, a commanding officer of Jutland's Anti-Valkyria Unit. Other characters cited so far include the princess of Jutland, Ophelia, and Brynhildr, a Valkyria who stands with the Rush Empire.

Taken from a Famitsu interview, director Takeshi Ozawa and chief producer Youichi Simosato have said that Azure Revolution will follow a more traditional RPG format using real-time combat as opposed to the strategy elements seen in Valkyria Chronicles.

They are essentially splitting the IP into two different series to express their genre: the Senjou series and the Kakumei series, the latter of which is what Azure Revolution is. They have been explicit that they will still work on the Senjou side.

The game, coming from Media Vision, is currently scheduled for a Winter 2016 release in Japan, although a demo for the new game will come with the remaster.

As for a western release? Sega hasn't said anything on either game as yet, but the publisher did trademark Valkyria: Azure Revolution in Europe at the start of November. So there's at least a good indication that the newer game is coming westbound, although we hope the remaster is too.

Valkyria Chronicles launched in 2008 for PlayStation 3 and received an incredible cult following its release. Perhaps to the disappointment of many, 2010's Valkyria Chronicles II and Japan-only 2011's Valkryria Chronicles III were both exclusive not to the PS3, but rather to the PlayStation Portable.

But after seven years away, it's back again on home console.

"Valkyria Chronicles is truly a genre defining, revolutionary new take on the RPG genre," said Alex Donaldson in RPG Site's review of the PlayStation 3 version from 2008. "Even viewed as a strategy RPG, it’s excitingly and stunningly fresh, and manages to stand out from the crowd not only by being different but by having an interesting story and beautiful graphics."

Thanks, Gematsu and NeoGaf