Ar Tonelico III Revealed (Updated)

Following on the heels of Gust's other PlayStation 3 update, Ar Tonelico III finally brings one of the other popular series to the PlayStation 3. Not a lot is shown in the trailer (except for a rocking soundtrack), but we can probably expect more singing characters and sexual innuendos, and will likely be powered by the Atelier Rorona engine.

Ar Tonelico III is set to be released in Japan on January 28th, 2010.


Thanks to the guys over at, we have a lot more information available surrounding the title thanks to the recent issue of Famitsu magazine. Here is a rundown of all of the things you can expect to look for in Ar Tonelico III when it drops next year: There will be an Ar Tonelico event held during the Akihabara Enta Festival in Japan on the 25th. Here is a small snippet of the article the site posted that focuses on the three of the main characters, as well as the snippets from the magazine. It certainly looks to be a big step up from what the game looked like on the Playstation 2.


Characters (CV stands for the voice actor) 

Saki - Heroine (CV: Gotou Mai)
Reyvateil who was created in a laboratory for a plan that would have far reaching effects on the world (unclear if it's limited to Sol Clusta or the planet of Ar Ciel). She manages to escape shortly before the plan was to be set into motion and runs into the protagonist after being on the run for a number of years. When under sever duress, she exhibits a power called "miracle" on occasion.

Finnelle - Heroine (CV: Kitamura Eri)
βtype reyvateil (no human bloodline) born in the kingdom of Clustania. Ditzy girl who works in a restaurant on Tocociez Highway. Her existance appears to have a connection with the Clustania conspiracy but...

Aoto - Protagonist (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)
Is an apprentice of a master who specializes in construction at high elevations. Doesn't think about consequences when he acts, but has a strong sense of obligation to complete what he's started. Has always had a slight dislike of Clustania, but after meeting Saki, he starts viewing Clustania as an enemy.