Trillion: God of Destruction Gameplay Overview

Idea Factory has published an overview trailer for Trillion: God of Destruction, a strategy RPG where you must defeat a boss with ... a trillion health points. 

To help explain what that entails, IFI's Arianne Advincula discusses over on the PlayStation Blog.

First you train in whichever training regime to earn stat points, and then afterwards you allocate those points to your Overlord’s stats. Training takes up the whole day and if you do great or excellent, you earn a Training Medal that you can use to enter the Valley of Swords.

If you train everyday, your Fatigue gauge will fill. To relieve Fatigue, you can choose to Rest for the whole day. By Resting, you’ll be able to do a number of things: Sleep, Interact, Order, or Underworld Prize.

One of the most important options here is Interact. You can spend time with your Overlord and build her Affection Points for you, which will be useful in battle but also determine which ending you will earn.

After some training and enough Training Medals, you have a shot at the Valley of Swords, where you can find items and earn more EXP!

Finally, visit the research lab to hire Devil Envoys as assistants on the battlefield and the Blacksmith to customize your weapon. Now you’re set to fight Mokujin, a Trillion-replica made by Faust, the necromancer who revived you!

After the whole cycle ends, set equipment and items and the true battle with Trillion starts!

But no matter how much you’ve prepared your Overlord, there’s a strong chance she won’t make it… And the training cycle will begin again with a new Overlord.

It sounds pretty zany and unique.

Idea Factory also provided some details character bios for two of the six overlord candidates, Levia and Fegor. The details and screenshots are below.

Find more information about the systems and characters on the official website. Trillion: God of Destruction is set to release on PlayStation Vita on March 29th in North America and April 1 in Europe.


Levia holds the Crest of Envy and is Zeabolos' childhood friend. Fiercely loyal to Zeabolos (almost to the point of obsession), she chooses to fight for him to take vengeance against Trillion for harming her friend. When she's around others, she respectfully refers to Zeabolos as "Great Overlord," but when they're alone she's a lot more forward. However, she definitely lives up to the Crest of Envy when she sees Zeabolos talking with anyone else.



 Beneath her lazy exterior, she's actually a powerful fighter who was instrumental in making her brother the king of the Underworld. She uses her trusty weapons Righty and Lefty - the toothed sleeves at the end of her sweaters - to claw her enemies into submission. Now she must get out of bed to take down Trillion!

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