FuRyu reveals Caligula for PlayStation Vita


FuRyu has announced Caligula for PlayStation Vita, a 'school RPG' developed by Aquria (SAO: Hollow Fragment). Most notably, the title will be written by Tadashi Satomi, known for his work on Revelations: Persona and Persona 2.

The cast of Caligula.

The game follows nine students in the virtual world of Mobius, an ideal school setting where anyone trapped in the world, no matter their age, replay a typical 3-year high school life on a loop, and have forgotten the real world. The main characters of the game have realized their position, and have formed a 'Return Home Club' with the intention of making it back to their world. These students are opposed by a group of nine musicians, representing famous Japanese vocoloid composers.


Battles are turn-based, but the transition from dungeon exploration is seamless. Combat involves the protagonists imagining their abilities, and then realizing those fantasies as they attack. Abilities can be chained in certain manners, and enemies can also drop new techniques to use.

Caligula loosely refers to the Caligula Effect, in this context, meaning wanting something you're not supposed to desire. Wanting what you can't have.

Miu, the creator of Mobius

Mobius is created by a vocoloid Miu (as in the Greek letter), who can be seen in the main keyart of the game. Created by man, her desire is to help people escape reality. 

Caligula is set to release on June 23rd in Japan. Famitsu has posted a teaser trailer which you and find below. Check out the official website here.


Thanks Gematsu for info from Famitsu magazine