Nintendo officially announces Pokemon Sun & Moon for 3DS

Nintendo just confirmed what half the internet found out yesterday via an unfortunate leak - they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon this year with Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon, two all-new adventures in the series for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo Direct revealed little about the titles beyond that, only going as far as to reveal that they would arrive in Holiday 2016 and that the title is for the Nintendo 3DS. Some concept art was briefly glimpsed, but nothing beyond that.

Also confirmed was that the Nintendo 3DS release of the classic Game Boy titles that kicked off the series, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, will have full trade connectivity with Pokemon Bank, ultimately allowing players to transfer their favorite Generation 1 catches to Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon when they release.

We'll bring you more information on Sun & Moon as Nintendo and the Pokemon Company dish it out, but in the meantime check out the full Nintendo Direct below.

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