Fire Emblem Fates gets a sweet Collector's Edition in Europe & DLC in North America

Two of Nintendo's international arms have confirmed details about the ongoing release of Fire Emblem Fates today, with the banner news being that Europe will get both an exclusive Collector's Edition of the game and a Limited Edition console when it arrives in May.

The Collector's Edition of the game in Europe includes a Double Sided Poster, Artbook, Steelbook, and all three versions of the game - Birthright, Conquest and Revelation - on one 3DS game card. The limited edition New 3DS XL console ships with a cool-looking black-and-white console design. Both will launch in Europe on May 20th.

Nintendo of America meanwhile confirmed more information about downloadable content for the game in the wake of the title selling around five times more than its predecessor, Fire Emblem Awakening.

Those who don't have access via the limited edition will be able to purchase the Revelation plot line for $19.99 as of March 10th. As of today, two new maps, Museum Melee and Ghostly Gold, are being released for purchase on the title's in-game shop for $2.49 each. Further DLC maps will be released weekly until April 21st.

See some new screenshots of Revelation via Nintendo America and Europe's neat special edition for yourself below.

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