Gyromancer releasing November 18th

Square Enix has announced that Gyromancer will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam as a digital download on November 18th for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

Gyromancer is a puzzle/RPG hybrid developed by a special partnership between Puzzle gods PopCap and RPG experts Square Enix, looking to make the most of each genre in a new twist on classic RPG and Puzzle gameplay, fusing the two together in a unique fashion.

Gyromancer features a traditional RPG plot and statistic-based gameplay including levelling up and summoning monsters, where combat takes place in a puzzle-like grid. You can check out our TGS 2009 Preview of Gyromancer here.

Stick with us on RPGSite for the latest and our full review - and check out the TGS 2009 Trailer below to see how the game plays!

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