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Take a trip to Fallout 4's Far Harbor on May 19th

Bethesda has finally confirmed a date for Fallout 4: Far Harbor, the third and most significant piece of downloadable content for their sprawling open-world RPG. It'll launch on Thursday, May 19th - and there's now also a trailer to give fans a glimpse of what the DLC looks to include.

Far Harbor sees players teaming up once again with robotic detective Nick Valentine, who leaves the familiar wasteland to head to the coast of Maine to investigate the disappearance of a young woman and a secret colony of synthetic life. Higher levels of radiation around this area means the wildlife is more dangerous and deadly, and many of the people there are followers of the Children of Atom cult.

The add-on boasts what Bethesda claim is the largest-ever landmass added in a Bethesda add-on, outstripping the zones added in previous Fallout and Elder Scrolls DLCs. It includes new quests, settlements, enemies, weapons, armor and more. Check out the trailer for yourself below. We'll have a full review of Far Harbor around its launch.

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