Vagrant Story Heads to the PAL PSN

We have just recently discovered that Vagrant Story will be appearing on the European PSN sometime this month after the kiddies in Japan have been enjoying it for far longer than necessary. The date had been originally set for this Thursday as quoted on the recent Square Enix newsletter, but that has been recently been pulled from the company itself, and now has been slapped with the "Coming Soon" quagmire. The good news is that the wait shouldn't be long, and we should also be expecting a North American release soon to follow.

As polarising as Vagrant Story was to a lot of people (specifically the fact that it was mostly dungeon crawling), I think we can all agree that there is certainly this insurmountable level of excitement that follows any game that originated during the golden years of the PlayStation RPG. For those that haven't tried it out, you won't have a better chance than now to try it on your shiny new Slim PS3 or PSP Go.

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