Several Changes and Fixes coming to Nioh

With the Nioh Alpha Demo now done, Koei Tecmo has revealed some changes, improvements, and adjustments coming to the game based on feedback from its players.

General Fixes

- Expand the game's tutorial

- Adjust early-game difficulty; has been largely described as "unreasonable" and "unfair"

- Improve upon the game's controls and camera

- Improve upon elements of the game's UI that caused confusion or difficulty

- Optimize the game's graphical performance


In-Depth Fixes


- Implement a training field for users to practice the basic controls of the game

Controls During Combat:

- Improve camera behavior in relation to a player's movement when locked onto an enemy

- Refine the fatigue system that kicks in when stamina is completely depleted

- Expand on item shortcut slots

- Refine interactions and responses on actions that require the button to be held down

- Improve on half-circular inputs for spinning levers with the stick


- Adjust offensive and defensive stats of foes

- Revise the tracking abilities of enemies when they pursue the player

- Rebalance the properties of enemies & attack actions that have super armor on them (editor's note: super armor is a state when an action or attack can't be stopped or interrupted during its animation)

- Tweaking the AI behavior of Revenants

Level Design / Stages:

- Add shortcuts to further improve exploration

- Implement hints to indicate that the player will be encountering a boss battle

- Refine ways to display things that obscure or hide the view of the player's character

- Refine damage values during the area with fire


- Improve upon how the layout and its contents are displayed on-screen

- Tweak the font size

- Enable batches of things to be offered at the Shrine


- Enhance the game's netcode to further refine the accuracy of synchronization with other players

- Players can now access their Shrine when playing co-op with someone else in their game

- Refine the rate of increased enemy stats during co-op


- Remove durability on weapons and armor

- Adjust the drop rate of equipment

- Add in another new control layout

- Implement a method to back out of a mission

- Other additional bug fixes

Nioh will be coming out on the PlayStation 4, but no release date has been set yet for any territory.

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