Explore the Kingdom of Trei’kur in Star Ocean 5

In honor of its latest Star Log stream for the masses, Square Enix has released a series of new trailers for the English version of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, showing off the gameplay and characters. The game is set to be released in America on June 28th and Europe on July 1st exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Kingdom of Trei’kur

Not even the most biased of historians would endeavor to call this parched land a paradise. Most of the country is a desert, and the little soil that departs from that description has too few nutrients to sustain the raising of crops. Its lack of natural resources is the primary reason this country is currently at war with neighboring Resulia.

Depth of Gameplay

From item crafting to side quests and dungeon crawling, adventure is limitless on the undeveloped planet Faykreed IV.


With looks that could kill and nerves of steel, one would assume Anne has ice in her veins to go with all that, but she is actually one of the kindest people there is. As an example of this, her love of cats burns brighter than multiple systems’ stars.

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This rascally companion of Anne’s is always on the lookout for exquisite liquors and eligible women. Though it may be easy to mistake him for a flippant playboy on first glance, he can quickly change into a man of action when the moment calls for one.

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