Details and a new trailer emerges for Toukiden 2

After falling in love with Toukiden: Kiwami thanks to the various improvements it had made upon the original, I am really excited to get my hands on Toukiden 2 and its open-world ambition. Today, we have a brand new trailer for the sequel along with plenty of new images to get lost in.

Toukiden 2 is set during the Meiji Era of Japan. As in the original Toukiden, the world has been destroyed and the remnants of humanity have holed up in outposts to try and fight off the demonic Oni invasion that threatens their existence.

The only ones who can prevent this from happening are the Slayers, a select group of elite warriors gifted enough to fight off these hordes that seemed to originate in the lands to the north.

Their bastion may be a young Slayer who has awoken in Mahoroba Village with amnesia. Joining the player in battle is commanding officer Touya and the strict vice commander Manadzuru.

Hopefully Koei Tecmo has good news for us fans in the West as we get closer to its release in Japan on July 28th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the Vita. Those of you interested in checking out Toukiden 2 can check out the Japanese demo for the PS4 and Vita. Both versions support cross-play multiplayer.

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