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Skyrim: Special Edition sounds like a remaster done right

Bethesda has announced that a remastered 'Special Edition' of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will launch on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28th.

While the project doesn't exactly come as a surprise - Bethesda announced that they'd worked on porting Skyrim to the new consoles during the development of Fallout 4 to get an idea of the consoles' constraints and abilities - the nature of the port is still fairly impressive in its own way.

Skyrim Special Edition features entirely retooled artwork - rather than just releasing identical artwork but with the game running at a higher resolution or with a faster frame rate, the Special Edition features entirely new, and generally speaking more colorful looking art. 

Other improvements from Fallout 4 will also be folded into the release, most notably support for mods on console. PC players get their own little bonus too, though - anyone who already owns a Steam copy of Skyrim and all its add-ons or the Legendary Edition already will get a free upgrade to this new version.

See a trailer, and the first screenshots of the title for yourself below.  

Skyrim Special Edition Screenshots



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