Special Editions detailed for World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix has detailed the Day One, Limited, and Collector's Editions for World of Final Fantasy. Additionally, the publisher has posted a new trailer giving an overview of the game's premise (above). 

All the special edition bonuses are listed below. World of Final Fantasy releases on October 25 in North America and October 28 in Europe.

Day One Edition (PS4: $59.99, €59.99; Vita: $39.99, €39.99 - All Retailers)

  • Physical game disc
  • Extra digital content, including White Chocobo, Glow Moogle and Red Bonnetberry Mirages, a Sephiroth summon and a Japanese voice-over option add-on

Limited Edition (PS4: $59.99 - Select Retailers, NA Only)

  • Unique packaging including the physical game disc plus a 24-page artbook
  • All Day One Edition digital content

Collector's Edition (PS4: $119.99, €119.99, £99.99 - Square Enix Store Exclusive NA/EU)

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  • Presented as a physical pop-up book, WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY comes to life through striking 3D paper cutouts. As the pop-up book is opened, fantastic physical content concealed in the book is revealed, including:
  • A special 80-page hardback artbook showing off the fresh toy-like visuals
  • The original soundtrack of the game’s enchanting score
  • A set of three mini-figurines including the legendary Cloud, Lightning and Squall
  • All Day One Edition digital content
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