Nippon Ichi's 'Classic Dungeon' mixes Modern and Retro

 Nippon Ichi's new PSP RPG is to mix retro looks and music with modern action RPG gameplay in an exciting blend of old and new. 

Classic Dungeon sports old-school looking 2D sprites backed up by 8 bit music that can also be switched over to modern-sounding stuff if you prefer.

The gameplay is based around dungeon crawling and sword combat, with classic RPG elements such as job classes and equipment all present. Different classes will have access to different skills and abilities, and once you're done fighting you'll even return to town to buy new equipment and items. 

In addition to the more traditional elements described above, Nippon Ichi are also adding some more modern elements to Classic Dungeon. The most notable new addition is the all-new character growth system which is based around placing your characters onto a chart outside of battle.

The character at the centre of the chart will be the one you take control of once you enter a dungeon, but where other party members are placed in relation to him will determine how quickly they grow and what skills they learn. The chart even comes into play during combat, with chart positions determining what party members will assist or perform combos alongside your character.  

The game will have nine pre-set playable characters as well as one that you will design and name as the lead character in a robust-looking character editor. 

Your created character can also be used in the game's wireless multiplayer in order to appear unique next to your friends. 

Information on the game in English is a little scarce at the moment, but rest assured we'll bring you any news on the likely English localization as we get it. The game will be slamming into Japanese PSPs next February in the form of both a Digtial Download and a UMD disc. 

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