Path Of Exile's new expansion Atlas Of Worlds released today, here is what's inside

Path Of Exile is notorious for being not very friendly to the casual action RPG fan, and Atlas Of Worlds is upholding that reputation. The expansion is built for endgame players in mind first and foremost. Here are the major additions coming to the game:

  • Much of Path Of Exile's endgame comes from players exploring the map system. In Atlas Of Worlds, the map system has been completely overhauled and expanded upon, allowing you to mod and upgrade your maps and create unique areas to explore. Players insert their maps into an object called 'The Atlas', each map cleared by the player will bring them closer the center of the Atlas.
  • In addition to the upgraded map creation, Grinding Gear Games has added 30 new environments to coincide with the new map creation mechanics.
  • 19 bosses have been added throughout the game. With 4 special bosses guarding the center of the aforementioned Atlas.
  • The loot tables have been expanded on greatly, with dozens of new unique and exotic items.
  • Performance has always been a bit of an issue for Path Of Exile. Thankfully further support for multi-core processors and improving the framerate and hitching problems found in the game currently.

All of this for the low price of $0! Yes like all of Path Of Exile's expansions, Atlas Of Worlds is free to all players. Now is as good a time as any to try out this fantastic action RPG.