Tyranny Release Date set for November

Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment announced that their newest isometric crpg will be landing this fall on November 10th for PC, Mac, and Linux. 

Tyranny puts a twist on conventional fantasy expectations by placing the player in a world where evil has conquered the land already, the player taking the role of a Fatebinder under the rule of the despotic overlord, Kyros. By taking actions amongst the game characters to instill fear or gather support for the overlord's rule, the developer promises that the smallest of choices will alter the game world and the people you interact with. The reputation developed based upon these actions will result in a non-linear experience each time through the game. 

Pre-orders for the game are now available through Steam or publisher Paradox Interactive's website. The following editions are available:

  • Commander - $44.99
    • Base game with ringtones and forum avatars.
  • Archon - $59.99
    • Adds a a digital world map and soundtrack, along with a collection of short stories and four unique coat of arms for your in-game warbanner.
  • Overlord - $79.99
    • Adds digital art and guide books.

And check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Tyranny Screenshots


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