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Square Enix reveals pair of new KH3 screens, Sora in World of Final Fantasy this winter

In addition to the 2.8 and 1.5+2.5 ReMIX news, Square Enix offered a small Kingdom Hearts 3 sneak peak at Paris Games Week.

The screens highlight Sora's newest Drive Form, know as the Guard form, and show a transformation where Sora uses his Hercules themed Keyblade to unlock the form. Square Enix stated this specific form has been edited since the keyblade is from an unannounced world. Therefore it has been changed into a hammer shape.



With Square Enix's newest release, World of Final Fantasy, it's been announced that Sora will arrive as a free DLC champion option this winter to coincide with the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue.

World of Final Fantasy is available now for Playstation 4 and PS Vita.

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