Bioware unleashes the Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic reveal trailer

Since Mass Effect's launch, Bioware has celebrated the game in some way on November 7th (N7 Day). 2016's N7 Day is a bit more special than the last few, as it is expected to be the last one (we hope!) before the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest in the series. 

After two E3 of fan teasing with trailers that show a little but don't really reveal much in the way of actual footage, today is the day: We can finally get some detailed in-engine views of Mass Effect: Andromeda in action. Everything shown here is cutscene-based stuff, but this is all still running in-game on DICE's impressive Frostbite engine. It's very, very pretty. This engine really can look this good - the recently released Battlefield 1 is a pretty good example of that


Mass Effect Andromeda is preparing for a launch in Spring 2017. That was this holiday, then became March 2017... and now it's dubiously 'Spring'. We'll see if it'll make March. It's also up for pre-order on Amazon now. See the trailer for yourself below.

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