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Resonance of Fate Demo Detailed, Dated & Screenshotted


Sega will attempt to grab Japanese RPG fans' attention away from Final Fantasy XIII for a few moments by releasing a playable demo of End of Eternity on the 22nd December.

The demo shows off the game's unique t.A.B battle system, allowing players to fight their way through a dungeon which can be played multiple times for different rewards. The demo will also include a super easy mode for newcomers to the genre to try out - but this isn't an option in the final game.

Sega and tri-Ace also released a few screens of the demo, which you can find in a handy gallery below.

The demo clocks in at almost 700mb for the PS3 and just over 600 for the Xbox 360. End of Eternity will be released in the West as Resonance of Fate some time in 2010.

End of Eternity Demo Screenshots






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