Contribute to this year's Reader's Choice for RPG of the Year!


This weekend, we at RPG Site will be recording our RPG of the Year deliberations where we go through a number of different categories. Last year we decided to add a new feature: Reader's Choice. Just like in 2015, we have compiled a list of all the notable RPGs that have come out over the past 12 months and ask you the audience to make that important determination that will be shared with the results of our own decisions.

So when you're ready, head on over to our dedicated form page, choose the one you want to support from the list of eligible games, and help decide the Reader's Choice for RPG of the Year 2016. Once everything is up, we do plan on sharing the rest of the results so you'll be able to find out for yourself where your favorite game of 2016 fell on the chart. Thanks, everyone!

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