Valkyria Revolution announced for the West for PS4, Xbox One and Vita

The previously-announced Valkyria Chronicles series will continue in the West on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - for the latest entry in the series, Valkyria Azure Revolution, is coming West as Valkyria Revolution.

SEGA announced the news today via press release, confirming the title change to drop the name 'Azure' from the release to fit better with the original game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles. 

Valkyria Revolution is going to be a significantly different take on the series - it takes place in an entirely different setting with an all-new cast... and it even drops the series' previously tested style of combat, going for something that's more a blend of action and tactical stuff. It'll still be an RPG under the hood, mind. The gameplay shifts have us curious and, yes, a little nervous, but this series has managed to hit the right notes so far - so fingers crossed that continues!

The big news is that it's coming to both platforms it came to in Japan - PS4 and Vita - plus an Xbox One version is being added as well. Everybody wins! On top of all that, the game is definitely coming to Europe as well, with Deep Silver publishing the game out there. (SEGA Europe, what happened to you?) The Vita version will be digital only.

It'll be out in Q2 2017. This is a big win. First media below.

Valkyria Revolution Media