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Final Fantasy XV passes 6 million units shipped & digital, Carnival event coming January 24

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV has passed 6 million units total. The number is a combination of units shipped and units sold directly through digital store fronts.

The previous figure using the same metric was 5 million units shipped & sold digitally - that was released after the game's launch, which basically means the game took a little over a month to ship another million units. Keep in mind that these things tend to drop precipitously over time, so don't expect another million in another month!

These numbers are healthy, which is a good thing - FF15 scored a solid 8 in our review and was your readers' choice for your favorite RPG of the year. Consider yourselves validated!

What remains unclear is what the digital to retail split is like and further exactly how many of the shipped copies have been sold and how many remain on store shelves. Final Fantasy XIII famously overshipped by a fair amount, leading to deeply-discounted leftovers on store shelves months later.

For comparison, Final Fantasy XIII shipped 6.6 million units in its first year. FF15 has a solid chance at beating this number.

Moogle Chocobo Carnival event coming January 24

Announced as part of the holiday pack DLC update, the 'Moogle Chocobo Carnival' event wasn't actually made available as part of the Holiday Pack but instead was announced to be coming at a later date. We now have that date: January 24th.

What the Carnival event will entail we still don't know, but it'll be - to quote Square Enix - 'fun-filled'. Alrighty then. A first key image for the Carnival shows off a colorful area - but we're curious what the actual gameplay will entail. We'll find out soon enough!



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