Try out Tales of Berseria in its demo, out now on PS4 & Steam

Tales of Berseria's release is pretty-close now - the game is due out in both North America and Europe later this month. If you're still on the fence about the latest entry in the series, however, Namco has an answer for you: the latest demo.

The demo clocks in at a very modest 450-some MB, so it's a really light download. It's available now from the PlayStation Network but in a lovely additional touch PC users can also grab the demo on Steam.

Namco has been pretty good about the PC port, and just recently detailed the options the PC version will have in excellent detail. Which is the sort of thing we usually do, so - guys, you're putting us out of a job!

If you want to know how Berseria is shaping up while you wait to try the demo, have a read of our preview from last year.

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