See World of Final Fantasy's guest Kingdom Hearts summon Sora in action

World of Final Fantasy is one of last year's better-kept secrets - the FF spin-off was ultimately rather overshadowed by the release of a full-on FF title in the form of Final Fantasy XV. It's a great game though, full of charm and fan service for the FF faithful.

One of the big reveals around World of Final Fantasy's launch was the announcement that there would be a guest character from FF's sister series, Kingdom Hearts, added to the game as DLC. Sora, KH's main protagonist, will be available to summon alongside the likes of Sephiroth, Terra and Lightning.

Sora will be available in Japan from tomorrow, January 12th, and his DLC will be free of charge until the end of March. A western date has yet to be announced, but we'd be surprised if it didn't come over.

Check out Sora's appearance in WOFF for yourself below in the newly released trailer from Square Enix Japan.

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