Persona 5's latest western trailer shows off battles, dungeons and other gameplay mechanics

Persona 5's release is getting pretty damn close now, and even though the game's original February release date is now a distant memory, its promotional campaign still rages on in the run up to its April 4 release.

The latest step in that campaign is a new trailer which shows off Palaces (Persona 5's dungeons), shadows and new systems such as demon negotiation. It's all about the gameplay, basically. That's no bad thing - Persona trailers up until now have been fairly heavily focused on the story side of the game.

Where Persona 3 was basically a school class full of kids with supernatural powers and Persona 4 was a high school murder mystery, Persona 5 is the story of a group of troublemaker schoolkids who perform fantastical heists. We are absolutely pumped to play it. See the trailer for yourself below.

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