Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia coming to 3DS this May

Nintendo has announced that they'll continue the Fire Emblem series for a little while on 3DS even after the Nintendo Switch console launches with a new title, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. 

Echoes is based on the second installment of the Fire Emblem series. This is big news for Western fans - they never got to play that game, Fire Emblem Gaiden, back in 1992. The game tells the story of dual protagonists - Alm and Celica, in a typically FE-appropriate tale of war.

The game is known for being more open and flexible than later Fire Emblem entries, and Nintendo say that this remake retains that gameplay style. The game appears to be built on the same basic tech as Fire Emblem Awakening and the Fire Emblem Fates titles.

Here's the big news: the game will launch in North America on May 19th. New Amiibo of both Alm and Celica will be available in a double pack on the same date. That's soon! And, as we noted, after the Switch launch - but the Switch is getting a Fire Emblem game all its own in 2018, plus a version of Fire Emblem Warriors.

See the first media from Echoes for yourself, plus the Amiibo, below.

Fire Emblem Echoes Media