Pokemon Sun & Moon's third global mission is now online

Pokemon Sun & Moon's Global Mission system tasks players with completing certain tasks en masse. If they're successful everybody playing is rewarded - though so far it's been a bit of a wash, with the first and second global missions both failed by the masses.

This time the game's ludicrously large 14-million strong user base are tasked with trading Pokemon through the Global Trade Station. A million Pokemon need to be traded between now and February 13th. That's... a lot.

If players manage to meet the goal, they'll get 2000 Festival Coins for use in the Festival Plaza, or 200 FC for participating if it fails. If your game is tied to a Global Link account you get double that - 4000 Festival Coins for success and 400 FC for failing.

There's a new wrinkle to try to ensure there isn't a failure this time - individual rewards. If you contribute more than 5 trades during the mission period you get a Rare Candy, and if the goal is doubled - if a whopping 2 million Pokemon are traded - everybody involved gets a friend ball.

So, what are you waiting for? Get trading!