EA announces Dragon Age: Origins Awakening expansion for March


Electronic Arts certainly knows when it's onto a good thing. The company has just announced Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, a full expansion pack for Dragon Age: Origins, which will be available to buy from March 18th, 2010.


The expansion pack looks to be more than just a smattering of little extras, if the press release is anything to go by. Amongst other things, it will include five entirely new characters, an increased level cap, new abilities and spells, and an entirely new locations to explore.

Best of all, players will be provided with the ability to respec their character's talents and abilities, something which many Dragon Age players have been begging for since the launch of the game. A dramatic and detailed story will feature in the expansion, continuing on directly from the end of the game.

Dragon Age fans will definitely not want to pass this one up.