Fall of Oriath is Path Of Exile's 3.0 expansion, and it's massive

Path Of Exile has been one of the most well received action RPGs in recent times, and now Grinding Gear Games is working on the next expansion titled Fall of Oriath.

Fall of Oriath will be the largest content update Path Of Exile yet, and will mark the 3.0 iteration of the game. The focus of this expansion is to beef up the main campaign, adding 5 new Acts to the base game that change the leveling experience. Instead of repeating the same content on higher difficulties they are adding Acts 6 through 10, the main goal of this is to add variety to the game. These new acts are what Grinding Gear Games consider to be the second part in the story.

The below trailer highlights some of the new areas coming to the game.

A lot of the new acts are revisiting locations found in Acts 1-5 but the developers promise that this isn't a case of simple "remixing". Instead you will return to these places and see what effect you've had on the land after certain key moments in the story. 

Fall of Oriath Screenshots

The expansion is slated to release in July of this year, but if you would like to try the game right now you can always download it for free via the official Path Of Exile website or Steam. The game is widely considered to have one of the best free to play models in the business, and in my 40+ hours with the game I've not spent a single penny or even felt compelled to spend any real money.