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Valkyria Chronicles 2 connects to PS3 original


Quite a few fans of Valkyria Chronicles were disappointed to see the series head to the PSP after a stunning start on the PS3, but Sega are now rewarding fans who make the transition to PSP with the ability to link the PSP and PS3 titles together to unlock special content.

Players will be able to export their save game content from Valkyria Chronicles to their PSP memory stick, which will then be read by Valkyria Chronicles 2 and be used to unlock Isara, the little sister of the main character of the first game.

The character will also be made available via an unlock code through the official Valkyria Chronicles 2 website, but those who played the first game will have a head start in unlocking her. There's some screens of her in action below.

The game's out later this month in Japan, and is confirmed for a Western release sometime this year. You can import it from Play Asia if you're so inclined, or just stick around on RPGSite for our import impressions. You can see what we thought of it at TGS 2009 here.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Screenshots



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