Summon Night 6: Lost Borders delayed to May, English Screenshots

Announced for localization last year, Gaijinworks has silenty moved the release date of Summon Night 6: Lost Borders to May 23, 2017 in North America.

There are three PS4 editions available on Amazon: the Raj EditionAmu Edition, and Ist Edition named after the game's main characters. According to Gaijinworks, these listings do not yet include an unnanounced pre-order bonus, and a PlayStation Vita pre-order should be up shortly. The game will be digital-only in Europe.

The niche publisher has been posting some screenshots to their twitter feed and official website, and we've collected a bunch and placed them in the gallery below. All images are of the PlayStation 4 version, save for the last three which are from the PlayStation Vita version.

Note, many of these screenshots were posted by Gaijinworks in December.

Summon Night 6 Screenshots
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